How can questions be distributed from one page to several pages?

You have all questions on one page in your questionnaire and want to distribute them over several pages, i.e. turn a one-page questionnaire into a multi-page one? Then you can efficiently distribute your questions on several pages after adding new pages with the "Duplicate/Move Question" function or the Move tool.

This is how you proceed:

1. Create as many pages as you need via + New page.

2. Select the "Duplicate/move question" function at the top right of the question in question. Then click the "Move" action and select to which page the question should be moved.

3. As an alternative to step 2., use the mouse to grab the move tool on the far left of each question to move it. With the PC mouse held down, drag the question to the desired page and release it so that it automatically inserts itself.

Please be sure to create pages as the first step, otherwise, it will not be possible to distribute the questions.

Tip: If you have an extensive questionnaire with numerous questions, we strongly recommend distributing questions over several pages. This way, survey participants do not have to scroll for a long time on one page and are not put off by many questions at once. And important to know: With a one-page questionnaire, you may not get any answers at all: For example, if all questions are answered but you neglect to click the "Finish" button, the answers will not be submitted to the system.