Digitize forms, that works!

Despite the fact that we live in a time where almost everything is available digitally, many companies still work with paper forms. This time-consuming and error-prone way of working can cause many problems. How can you solve this? Digitize forms! Digitize forms, why? Why would you want to digitize forms as a company? The thought… Continue reading Digitize forms, that works!

Specify the recipient in the online form

Dependent recipients for HTML forms. Sometimes you want to set different recipients for a form dynamically, e.g. using a selection in the form. This can be easily implemented with HeyForm. We create a selection field. Important, the name must be “admin” if the field is to be used as a recipient field. In the values,… Continue reading Specify the recipient in the online form

Create an online survey in 6 steps: Instructions and tips

You would like to create a survey? Online survey software like HeyForm could support you optimally, because the creation, implementation, and evaluation of surveys are cost-saving and easy to implement with an online tool, without any programming knowledge. An online survey can be created with little effort. For a successful survey project, it makes sense… Continue reading Create an online survey in 6 steps: Instructions and tips

Set up PPC campaigns correctly.

In principle, placing paid advertising is child’s play. A few clicks here and there and the money starts rolling in. The only question is in which direction! To what extent a PPC campaign pays off is a different matter! Do you already have Google Ads? Then you know the problem: Countless options open up a… Continue reading Set up PPC campaigns correctly.

Push notifications on smartphones

A 2018 Deloitte study found that young people look at their cell phones an average of 56 times a day. Accordingly, the use of push notifications is attractive for you as a marketer. Popular content includes: Sports results News Traffic info Weather reports Travel and flight info Status from the parcel delivery service Advertising /… Continue reading Push notifications on smartphones