Specify the recipient in the online form

Dependent recipients for HTML forms. Sometimes you want to set different recipients for a form dynamically, e.g. using a selection in the form. This can be easily implemented with HeyForm. We create a selection field. Important, the name must be “admin” if the field is to be used as a recipient field. In the values,… Continue reading Specify the recipient in the online form

Set up PPC campaigns correctly.

In principle, placing paid advertising is child’s play. A few clicks here and there and the money starts rolling in. The only question is in which direction! To what extent a PPC campaign pays off is a different matter! Do you already have Google Ads? Then you know the problem: Countless options open up a… Continue reading Set up PPC campaigns correctly.

Push notifications on smartphones

A 2018 Deloitte study found that young people look at their cell phones an average of 56 times a day. Accordingly, the use of push notifications is attractive for you as a marketer. Popular content includes: Sports results News Traffic info Weather reports Travel and flight info Status from the parcel delivery service Advertising /… Continue reading Push notifications on smartphones

Advantages of Voice Search

Voice Search enables multitasking while cooking, in the bathroom or even on the car ride and supports us in everyday life. Especially people with weaknesses like illiteracy, dyslexia or physical limitations like visual impairment benefit from Voice Search. Response time is shortened; companies achieve more closeness and sympathy through the use of voice. Disadvantages of… Continue reading Advantages of Voice Search